Duties and responsibilities include gathering and evaluating information on academic performances, evaluating hiring practices of the Lincoln Public School System, evaluating teaching methods, answering questions/concerns about the Lincoln School system, and establishing an informational packet. 

Duties and responsibilities include gathering and evaluating information on current public and national issues, and evaluating public officials, candidates and elections. In addition, organizing voter registration drives.

Duties and responsibilities include increasing membership, arranging fund raisers and mailings to members informing them of upcoming events and meeting dates. In addition, establishing and distributing informational packets about the organization.

Duties and responsibilities include notifying membership committee of special forums and community events. In addition, referring individuals to appropriate committees.

Duties and responsibilities include meeting with individuals with questions about the legal system, meeting with attorneys and closely monitoring cases which involve our organization. In addition, referring persons in need of direction concerning legal representation.

Duties and responsibilities include generating ideas, writing articles, gathering information, and selling ads for publication in our quarterly newsletter.

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