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A Unified Voice Empowering People To Bring About Equality For All

Our Mission

The NAACP Lincoln Branch is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to eliminate discrimination and prejudice regardless of race, gender, class, sexual orientation, and faith. We work to ensure the social, economic, educational, and political equality of all persons through democratic processes.

Our Vision

The NAACP Lincoln Branch works for and envisions an America where all citizens have equal rights, equality of opportunities, and the scourges of racial hatred and discrimination are banished.

Monthly Meeting

 The third Thursday of each month at 6:00 p.m.

In Person meetings suspended due to COVID-19

Currently meeting via Zoom

Please contact a member for link

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When: Saturday October 31, 2020
Where : Lincoln Marriott Cornhusker 
333 South 13th Street, Lincoln, NE
Time: Social Hour 5:30-6:30 PM
Main Program 6:30 PM



The Coronavirus pandemic has had an impact on our education and voting systems, affecting student success, representation of our communities, and more. Our policy briefs, statements, and letters bring awareness to and offer recommendations for issues surrounding health, education, economics, voter participation, and more. For more information view our national policy briefs, statements, and letters here.


Recent incidents are reminiscent of an atrocious era of hate and domestic terrorism where police officers and white protesters routinely brutalized African-Americans. The senseless death displays the continuance of systematic racism and privilege granted to white people in America.

It’s time to let our leaders know that We Are Done Dying

Our Vote Our Voice
This election is likely to be the most important vote of your life.  Think of its impact on your family, those you love, and your community.  Take a moment to let those images sink in – the power of your vote for all you care about.  Voting in Nebraska is easy!  Use this webpage for information & resources or contact us with questions. We hope to make voting as easy as possible for you. Find more info here

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