2024 Community Service Scholarship


The NAACP Lincoln Branch has up to five (5) Community Service Scholarships available to Lincoln Public School (LPS) high school seniors. Dollar amount varies, with a maximum of $1,500.

Any LPS high school graduating senior (regardless of race, gender, ethnic origin, or sexual orientation) who will attend a post-secondary accredited institution in the fall of 2024. Grade point average of 2.5 or above and a current member of the NAACP. List civil rights activities you participated in and your role.

To provide scholarships to up to five (5) deserving LPS high school graduating seniors intending to enter a post secondary accredited institution in the fall of 2024.

Scholarship Criteria:
Applicants must demonstrate a record of service to members of their local community as documented through letters of recommendation. Examples of community service include civil rights activities, promoting diversity through organizational work, assisting low-income families, the elderly, veterans, and or the disabled.

Conditions for payment of scholarship funds:
Successful scholarship recipients must provide proof of enrollment from the post-secondary institution prior to receiving scholarship funds. The proof of enrollment should be sent by the post-secondary institution To the NAACP Scholarship Awards Committee.

Application Document

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