This election is likely to be the most important vote of your life.  Think of its impact on your family, those you love, and your community.  Take a moment to let those images sink in – the power of your vote for all you care about.  Voting in Nebraska is easy!  Use this webpage for information & resources or contact us with questions. We hope to make voting as easy as possible for you.

Vote Early in Person

Vote early in person beginning March 20 for the primary and April 17 for the general election at your local election office. Click here to find your local election office. Click here for more information on early voting.  


Vote By Mail

Vote by mail by requesting a ballot from your local election office by March 24 for the primary and April 21 for the general election. Remember to sign your ballot envelope and mail it by October 20 or drop it off by November 3rd.  For more information on voting by mail, click here.  


At the Poll

Vote at the polls on Election Day, April 4 for the primary and May 2 for the general election, from 8- 8pm CST (7-7pm MST). To find your polling place, click here.