This election is likely to be the most important vote of your life.  Think of its impact on your family, those you love, and your community.  Take a moment to let those images sink in – the power of your vote for all you care about.  Voting in Nebraska is easy!  Use this webpage for information & resources or contact us with questions. We hope to make voting as easy as possible for you.


If you live in Lincoln, several races are likely to be quite competitive.  For example Congressional District 1 is a close one between Kate Bolz and Jeff Fortenberry. 


Vote By Mail

 If voting by mail, mail your ballot back to the election commissioner by October 26th. For more information click here


At the Poll

If you do go to the polls, make sure you know the hours polls are open (8-8pm CST; 7-7 MT). You can check your polling place here

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